The book cover design won 1st prize at the Penguin Student Design Awards 2019, out of a record 2300 entries. Penguin Books further invited me to work as a designer at Penguin Random House for four weeks to create knowledge and practice of the industry.
Judges Comments:
‘A deceptively simple cover. The level of detail is superb. So many elements are tied together with a simple, unified, graphic style. A very strong book cover!’ Jim Stoddart – Art Director, Penguin Press

‘The winning entry combines strong concepts with strong execution. The cover is stark and beautiful. Heraldry embodies the Establishment in many respects and I like the designer’s clever spin on this visual language to reflect themes in the book’ Seb Lester – Guest Judge

‘A beautifully simple design, clear and well-crafted. The subversive emblem is a nice touch that adds a welcome anarchic dimension to the cover’ Richard Bravery – Senior Designer, Penguin General Books and Michael Joseph

‘Great marriage of clean design and great concepts at play. It has a strong message, but it is also pleasing to look at and distinctive. A strong winner’ Joanna Prior – Managing Director, Penguin General Books

‘A strong concept that was also confidently executed – every detail has been considered and refined’ Coralie Bickford-Smith – Guest Judge

‘An incredible cover. Really gets the sense of what I was trying to do with The Establishment which was to convey that sense that those with power wish to hide from us the truth, the reality about what’s happening in our society’ Owen Jones

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